thinking with type
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Create a 16-page “specimen” of a typeface. A type specimen is a publication, often in pamphlet form, that shows the range of a particular typeface in use. Printers and typographers have produced type specimens for hundreds of years. In the digital age, type specimens have become more experimental, and they remain a crucial way to promote and explain typefaces to designers who might want to buy and use them. Your type specimen can use any "content" to display the typeface at different sizes and in different conditions. You could download content from, or make your own content on any subject. Various approaches to the project are shown here. Project added Jan 06.
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Mrs Eaves, by Jenn Julian; download pdf
The classic fairytale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" provides the text for this type specimen.

Filosofia, by Charles Calixto; download front pdf; back pdf
This book folds out into a giant poster. The content blocks are Wikipedia topics that link back to typography.

Helvetica, by Ryan Artell; download pdf
Extreme leading and other effects are used to create an image of Helvetica linked to the "mod" culture of the 1960s.

DIN, by Kate Morgan; download pdf
The text and styling of this book reflect the ideal of industrial norms and standardization embodied in the German font DIN.

Baskerville, by Lindsay Orlowski; download pdf
The English typeface Baskerville was used to set several important documents of the American Revolution.

Bodoni, by May Yang; download pdf
Music and literature from the Romantic period provide subject matter for this specimen of the classic/romantic font Bodoni.
Adobe Garamond, by Kate Linder; download pdf
A text about the history and structure of libraries, from the Wikipedia, provides content for this study of Garamond, a classic book face.